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Identical twin sisters Madelon and Danielle Bruinhof went on a trip to Iceland at the end of 2018. They fell right in place with the cold and dark Scandinavian landscapes, hence the northern-sounding band name which means "valuable" in Swedish. The twins are inspired by northern acts such as Björk, AURORA and Tove Lo. The dark synthpop of LÖNA is uniquely defined by icy synth sounds and wide reverbing guitars. Together with heart felt lyrics about, for example, the passing of their dad, slut-shaming, LGBTQ+ representation and personal experiences. LÖNA is here to give you a nice cold bath to lose your anger and everything that feels wrong in this world.

LÖNA 2020

Behind the Songs


On February 8, 2019, the first single Stars Align was released, including a video clip recorded in the rugged landscape near Reykjavik.

The second single called Lost in This Lie was released on June 20, 2019. This single is about a personal experience with anxiety and depression.


I Never Wanna See You Again was released next on November 8, 2019, with an intriguing music video that was recorded in an old and abandoned theater.

IMG_1842 18mrt 13.jpeg

Single Terrified is an uptempo song which describes the fear of coming out.

Heart-Shaped Box artwork.jpg

Nirvana cover Heart-Shaped Box turns the song even darker with the slowness and its trippy sounds.


Cold Case opens with a sample of the sentencing of Larry Nassar by judge Rosemarie Aquilina. The song plays lyrically speaking in the courtroom.

Artwork If I could do it again.jpg

If I Could Do It Again is a powerful song about Slut-Shaming. The music video visualizes other gender related issues as well

LÖNA - Girl artwork.jpg

Girl is a sexy ode to women. The song has a sensual lyrics and vibe. The sloppy electric guitar solo makes it even more languorous.



Alle video's

LÖNA - I Should Break Up With You (Live)

LÖNA - I Should Break Up With You (Live)
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LÖNA - I Should Break Up With You (Live)
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LÖNA - I Should Break Up With You (Live)

LÖNA - Girl (Official Music Video)
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LÖNA - Girl (Official Music Video)

LÖNA - If I Could Do It Again (Official Music Video)
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LÖNA - If I Could Do It Again (Official Music Video)

LÖNA - Heart-Shaped Box (Official Cover)
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LÖNA - Heart-Shaped Box (Official Cover)





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